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Human rights initiatives you can engage in your community

human - Human rights initiatives you can engage in your community

Regardless of which part of the world you are living in whether developed, developing or underdeveloped, there is always a chance that there is someone or a group of people who are having their human rights violated. This article is meant to show you that even in your own individual capacity you can do something about such violations.

Are you wondering what it is you can do? Well, here are a couple of human rights initiatives you can engage in in your community.

You can speak up about violations

In this era of social media and the proliferation of the internet, you must never stay quiet whenever you come across instances of human rights violations. Use your social media channels and the internet to speak up about such issues so that you can bring them to the attention of others in your community. You’ll be surprised as to just how effective this can be in bringing change.

You have the power to boycott products

There are instances where the people involved in human rights violations own companies or it’s actually these companies that are responsible for these violations. A very effective way you can fight such companies is through first boycotting their products and encouraging members of your community to follow suit. This is bound to get their attention and force them to mend their ways. Sports betting is here a good example means the portal

Petition your elected representatives to take action

In instances where you find yourself up against a giant that you can’t fight alone, this is where your elected representatives come in handy. With the help of your local councilman or woman, your congressman or woman, senator or governor, you can petition them to take action against a major human rights violator on your behalf. More details here.

Finance civil society organizations

Many civil society organizations are usually underfunded therefore unable to follow through on initiatives targeted at promoting human rights. If you can spare some money, a good way to get involved is through financing some of their initiatives. This will give them the impetus to follow through with their programs.

These are simple ways in which in your own individual capacity you can be able to make a difference in your community through promoting the respect for human rights.

Human Rights – How to join a volunteering overseas program

friends - Human Rights – How to join a volunteering overseas program

Most people especially those living in developed and democratic nations never really understand the extent of human rights violations not until they witness it through media reports or first hand when they visit countries where it happens. For a number of people, witnessing human rights violations has become the catalyst that makes them want to play a more active role in fighting such ills.

Volunteering in overseas programs has therefore become popular among many people who believe in social justice and social action. Through this article, we are going to share a few pointers on how you can join an overseas human rights program.

in the meeting - Human Rights – How to join a volunteering overseas program

Step 1: You need to cultivate an open mind

When you have grown up in a society where everyone gets to enjoy their human rights, it’s okay to want people who haven’t had this privilege to get to enjoy it too. However, one must always remember that Rome wasn’t built in just a single day therefore you must be open minded enough to understand that advocacy initiatives for human rights will take time to bear fruit.

Step 2: Ensure that you are psychologically prepared

When volunteering in overseas programs that involve advocating for human rights, you must always be cognizant of the fact that you will be exposed to people living under very inhumane circumstances and this can have a negative psychological effect on you. It’s therefore advisable for you to ensure that you are mentally prepared before you enroll to such a program.


Step 3: Always be prepared to learn

When you are overseas, the probability is high that you will be dealing with people from a different cultural and overall socioeconomic background from you. Dealing with such different people will require proper knowledge and understanding of their cultural contexts. You must therefore take your time to learn from others who have been there before you so that you can do things right.

Step 4: Get the right skills

When volunteering, you’ll always be called upon to play different roles therefore it’s a good idea for you to take time and learn a couple of different skills because being multi skilled will make you more valuable to the team. You should create a perfect balance between your technical skills and your interpersonal skills as all will come very much in handy in the execution of your tasks.

integrity - Human Rights – How to join a volunteering overseas program

Step 5: Strengthen your integrity

As a volunteer representing your organization and by extension your country overseas, you will need to be a person with very high integrity. Different situations will come up where your integrity will be tested therefore you must be prepared to weather the storm and come out through it with a clean conscience.

All in all, never forget that the reason you chose volunteering is so that you could make a difference in the lives of marginalized people in need of their human rights to be respected.

International Law – 3 key programs that will help promote women rights

women in meeting

Most democratic societies around the globe that adhere to international law have introduced accelerated programs aimed at elevating women in society to catch up to their male counterparts. This is meant to counter the decades of marginalization that women have faced since time immemorial. Society has realized that it’s only through gender equality that the world will progress.

We are therefore going to look at 3 key programs that will help promote women rights and help achieve gender equality.

woman at work

1 Building the capacity of women in leadership

Whereas a number of women have been able to break through in this male dominated world to reach leadership positions, this number is still very low and there’s therefore a need for more women to be in leadership. There are therefore a number of programs that are being funded by development organizations to build the capacity of more women around the globe to become leaders.

2 Including women in governance

According to international law, all genders must be involved in governance and one of the popular recommendations is that no particular gender should occupy over two thirds of the leadership slots in government. It’s for this reason that most democracies are encouraging more women to participate in governance so that they may have at least one third representation if not more.


3 Promoting women in business

Whereas since time immemorial women have always played an active role in business, their contribution has never really been fully appreciated as its common for them to earn less than their male counterparts in similar positions. In the spirit of putting an end to such cases of discrimination, international law dictates that women and men should earn equal treatment therefore equal pay.

It’s very clear today that in order for any society to thrive, both men and women must play an active role in leadership, governance and the economy and this is why it’s very important for gender equality to become the new cultural norm.

These are the reasons why women rights should be respected

woman in suit - These are the reasons why women rights should be respected

The world is in agreement that women rights should be respected and this should be done through reducing discrimination against women and promoting gender equality. Whereas many countries around the world have made headways in doing this through coming up with legislation to make women rights a constitutional right as dictated by international law, there still remains lack of goodwill.

It’s this lack of goodwill in the broader society that continues to undermine initiatives meant to advocate for the rights of women around the globe. Let’s therefore take a look at the reasons why women rights should be respected and the different avenues that can be used to push for these rights.

kiss the hand

Taking care of women has a ripple effect across the society

Whereas the family is usually the basic unit of a society, on many occasions, it’s the women who hold this unit together. This therefore means that if the rights of women are respected through giving them access to proper education, health services, employment opportunities and so on, you can be guaranteed that society will have empowered women who will take better care of their families and by extension, the society.

Taking care of women promotes sustainable development

Most of the sustainable development goals touch on issues that mostly affect women and these range from socioeconomic to political issues such as health, economic empowerment, gender equality, and so on. By ensuring that the rights of women are respected, we are making a step closer to achieving the sustainable development goals that countries around the world are targeting to achieve.

hands - These are the reasons why women rights should be respected

Women face too much discrimination

It’s socking to find out that women go through more discrimination throughout their lives from infancy to old age as opposed to men. Most of this discrimination has been propagated over centuries and across different cultures that it has become a norm. This discrimination will be in the form of parents preferring sons over daughters, more boys completing their education in comparison to girls, women lacking access to proper reproductive health services and so on.

Women contribute equally to the society

Recent statistics have revealed that women contribute more than half to the world’s economy and this is in spite of them being relegated to the task of raising their families. It’s women who play a more active role food production which is a major income earner however, this income doesn’t go directly into their pockets and will mostly benefit those higher up in the value chain.

It’s about time society started appreciating the important role that women play, and find different avenues to reward their contribution. On top of this list is encouraging societal goodwill through men accepting women as an equal gender and an end to discrimination. The better society takes care of women, the more society will benefit from their contribution.

These are the risks associated with abortion

lady - These are the risks associated with abortion

Abortion is a very controversial topic when it comes to the human rights of women and whereas many women globally believe that part of their women rights is the right to choose on whether or not to terminate a pregnancy, it’s very important for such women to be cognizant of the fact that abortion comes with plenty of risks.

It doesn’t really matter whether you are having an emergency abortion to save your life or simply because you don’t want the pregnancy, the risks are the same. We’ll therefore look at five common risks associated with abortion and their possible consequences.

The possibility of hemorrhaging

Depending on the stage at which a woman is terminating a pregnancy, bleeding is expected therefore the woman should be ready for it. This applies regardless of whether it’s a surgical or medication induced abortion. However, there’s always a possibility that hemorrhaging will occur and this is likely to lead to severe blood loss. Such a situation requires emergency medical attention as it may result to death.


The possibility of infection

The possibility of infection is particularly common in situations where an abortion is being procured illegally in an unsafe environment. During the procedure, bacteria from the unsterile equipment, environment or even the vagina may make their way into the uterus therefore resulting in an infection. If this is caught early it can be easily treated however if caught late it may lead to long term damage.

Scarring of the uterine wall

One of the dangers of performing a surgical abortion is that the instruments being used in the process may end up damaging the uterine wall thereby resulting in a scar tissue. This has potential long term problems as it has been associated with painful cramps during menstruation, possible miscarriages as well as infertility. This is a problem that is irreversible.


Problems with future pregnancies

The more abortions a woman has, or even a complication resulting from one abortion can lead to problems with future pregnancies. It usually increases the risks of a woman not being able to carry her pregnancies to term, excessive vaginal bleeding especially during the early months of their pregnancy, the challenge of low birth weight and the problem of placenta retention.

Mental health problems

Whereas women may at first feel relieved after an abortion because they no longer have to worry about the pregnancy disrupting their life, it’s very common for this joy to be replaced by stress and depression. This could be the result of guilt, regret and other emotions that they can’t understand and even process and because they are embarrassed or afraid to seek help, they fall into depression.

When it comes to the subject of abortion in relation to human rights, it’s very important for women to be facilitated with all the information they need in order to make a more informed choice as well as access to quality reproductive health services. The idea is to ensure that whatever their choice is, it can be followed through in a safe environment as this is a right guaranteed to them by law.

3 major reasons why women opt to get an abortion

sad - 3 major reasons why women opt to get an abortion

Access to reproductive health services is one of the major health issues facing women from around the globe and is actually one of the most sought after human rights for women. Whereas there are a number of health issues that will fall under this category, one of the biggest stand out issues which has been and remains a controversial topic in international law is the issue of abortion.

The major questions that remain to be answered are should abortion be legal or illegal? And should women be left with the right to choose whether or not to have an abortion?

The reality is that there will never be an agreed answer to these questions because different people have different value systems and their answer to these questions will always be down to these values. Through this article, we are going to briefly look at the three broad reasons why women opt to get an abortion.

depres - 3 major reasons why women opt to get an abortion

1 The fear of their life being disrupted

For a significant number of women, motherhood is not something that comes instinctively therefore it’s never really much of a priority to them as least not when compared to other life accomplishments such as their education or career. Based on statistics from women who have been interviewed regarding this subject, at least 38 per cent of women who would consider an abortion would do so out of the fear that having that child is likely to disrupt their life and prevent them from achieving most of their life goals.

2 The fear that they will not afford to raise the child

The reality about parenting is that most parents desire the best for their children and therefore a significant number of women who may opt for an abortion say they would do so out of fear that they will not be able to afford to raise the child. Based on statistics from women who have been interviewed regarding this subject, at least 42 per cent would consider an abortion because they are either unmarried or unemployed or they are still is school, therefore won’t be able to afford raising the child.


3 Pressure from their relationships

There are women who on their part face a number of pressures from their relationships and they say that it’s such pressures that would influence their decision to get an abortion. Based on statistics from women who have been interviewed regarding this subject, at least 20 per cent would consider an abortion because they are in an unstable relationship, their husband or partner is not ready for a child or their parents have pressured them to get an abortion.

The reality is that the validity of these reasons is down to your individual perspective. What matters most however, is that regardless of what your stand is, women rights in all this must be respected and they must have access to the best reproductive health services available.

Human Rights – The 4 leading health issues affecting women today

medical - Human Rights – The 4 leading health issues affecting women today

It’s impossible to talk about the human rights of women without addressing the conversation of health issues that affect women because the two happen to be somewhat synonymous. This therefore means that one of the biggest areas of interest when we are advocating for the rights of women is calling for more and better access to health services.

Through this article, we are going to briefly look at the 4 leading health issues affecting women today.

Access to reproductive health services

There are a number of challenges women from around the globe go through when it comes to access to reproductive health services and this cuts across developed, developing and underdeveloped nations. The major areas of concern are usually contraception, pregnancy and child birth, and the controversial subject of abortion. According to recent statistics, over 600,000 women die annually from around the world due to various issues associated with access to reproductive health services.

The challenge of malnutrition

When it comes to the issue of malnutrition whereas it’s an issue that cuts across entire populations, that is men, women and children, women are usually the hardest hit because they carry the extra burden of child bearing as well as menstruation. These are periods when women need sufficient nutrients in order to safely go through these stages of their life however, not all of them are lucky to have access to proper nutrition. As per statistics, over 110,000 women die each year during childbirth due to malnutrition.


Domestic and sexual violence

It’s a very disturbing statistic that over 35 per cent of women from across the globe have directly experienced domestic or sexual violence. Some of these include physical assault and battery, sexual assault, rape, forced marriage and female genital mutilation amongst others. The reality is that this statistic could even be higher because a lot of these cases actually go unreported for various reasons.

The spread of breast cancer

Breast cancer has been on an upward trajectory and it’s still not clear why this is so. Whereas a number of theories have been put forward, most haven’t been conclusive enough. The major challenge with breast cancer is that it’s diagnosed late in many women therefore making it impossible to treat and this is the reason for the many breast cancer related deaths that have been reported among women from around the globe.

breast cancer

As the world engages in the conversation to address to the topic of women rights, it’s very important for the above health issues to be a major part of the conversation because they are responsible for the deaths of millions of women from around the world, and these are deaths that can be prevented if women can receive better attention and care.