Olympia Food Co-op Decides to Boycott Israeli Goods

I love Olympia Food Co-opLast night the Olympia Food Co-op made history. The board of directors came to consensus to boycott Israeli goods! In doing so they become the first grocery store in the country to make this historic decision and join the growing international call for Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS). Olympia is at the forefront of the growing BDS movement in the United States. The board and the staff may come under attack and we need to step up and let them know how much support they have.

So now what?

  • Thank the Olympia Food Co-op, and show them support by emailing them at board@olympiafood.coop or at customerservice@olympiafood.coop.
  • Next time you are shopping at the co-op, thank a co-op staff member for the board’s decision to support human rights and freedom.
  • Write a comment card in support of the boycott in one of the Olympia Food Co-op Stores.
  • Sign up to our email list, to receive action alerts in the future (in the sidebar to the right.)
  • Use facebook as a tool to make support in Olympia for BDS more visible
  • Change your profile picture to the I Love Olympia Food Co-op Logo. This will be a visual reminder about how much support the food co-op has in the community.
  • Ask others to join the Facebook group. Our goal is to have three hundred members and we need your help!
  • Donate money in support of this and other BDS campaigns in Olympia.
  • Follow us on Twitter, to get information about what’s the latest.
  • Join us on Wednesday, August 4th 7pm at Traditions café to find out more about Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions and how they are used to support human rights and freedom in Palestine/Israel.

Because the hard working co-op staff is the face of the co-op, they will also be put into the situation where they are expected to answer for the boycott. A voice of support can go a long way to making this an easier process for them.

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    Mustafa Barghouti