contribure - Contribute

At Olympia BDS we have a very active and vibrant online platform where we publish articles highlighting various topical issues affecting women from around the globe. It’s our desire to ensure that these articles are timely, well researched and curated to ensure they are not only informative but also help in contributing towards our advocacy initiatives and raising a conversation around women’s rights. Our topics of focus will be on socioeconomic and political challenges facing women from aspects of health, education, economic empowerment, leadership and governance among others, where we will highlight specific topical issues.

We therefore welcome you to be a part of the conversation on the human rights of women by contributing to this platform. We believe that sharing your personal experiences will be a huge motivator to other women and will be the rallying call that other women need in order to start playing an active role in feminism. We look forward to interacting with you as we continue to advocate for women’s rights all over the world.

If you therefore wish to become a contributor on the Olympia BDS platform, please feel free to reach out to us through filling in the form on the Contact Our Team page.