Wacker in the points crisis: “Don’t make a drama out of it!

Five Wacker players are thinking about the presently dreary table situation. The approach is different, the belief in strength unites them.

“No one has to blame himself.” After the Rapid game, Stefan Rakowitz and his girlfriend stayed in Vienna: “To distract me. I’m not someone who thinks a lot.” He was disappointed by the recent lack of points: “We had no easy opponents and kept up, but in the end we always had zero points.” His conclusion: “No one has to blame himself.”

“The little one can do it already! Christopher Knett established himself on the field and off it as a bastion, soon he should be elected again as a player representative in the soccer union. “It would be wrong to say that the table does not concern me. After all, we created the most chances with Red Bull Salzburg.” He finds peace at home with his wife and son: “That’s the beauty of the family, there are other things important. Does he succeed in distracting himself? “The little one can do it already.

Stefan Rakowitz Honours

TSV Hartberg

  • Central Regionalliga: 2008-09

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“In the mountains you can forget everything! Not that Matthias Maak is an absolute miner. But with some of his team mates, the Styrian recently explored golf courses and remote spots in nature where you can “forget everything”. “We don’t reward ourselves for our game, but more than two or three days I don’t think about it.”

“When Hartberg descends with bombs and grenades, at least they tried.” On the weekend Stefan Meusburger will meet former club Hartberg, like FC Wacker a promoted and with three points on the account. Expectations are lower in Styria, Meusburger is already burning for the game. “With some players I am regularly in the exchange. Does he play? The 25-year-old doesn’t know that, but he just sat on the bench unexpectedly in the end. The mood within the team? “It’s good.”

“Just don’t make a drama out of it!” Zlatko Dedic has already gone through a lot in his long career: The 48-time Slovenian national player (8 goals) comes to the end after 17 years in professional football (including Italy, Germany): “In situations like this, you can only get along with each other. Then positive energy arises that lets big things happen.” These are words full of sound from an experienced 33-year-old who, in his own words, “doesn’t think much”. His recipe: “Keep calm, eliminate mistakes. We have to stay cool.” And seize opportunities like those against Rapid. Check Five Star‘s promotions and bonuses for more chances of winning the jackpot prize!